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Opt for a retro hairstyle for a fabulous look.
Opt for a retro hairstyle for a fabulous look.

Short hair: which retro hairstyle should I go for?

With your short haircut, the retro style is made for you. Be inspired by the 20s, 30s or 50s with the following three hairstyles.

Even with short hair, these hairstyles require a certain amount of length. You must be able to wave, straighten or curl your hair. Does your hair come down to your ears? If so, give these hairstyles a go!

Victory rolls for a highly sophisticated look

This flagship hairstyle from the 50s is emblematic of the pin-up look. Its aim? To create one or several rolls which frame the face. Spotted at the Spring-Summer 2016 fashion shows, this look is both retro and sophisticated. How can you successfully create this hairstyle? Master the victory rolls technique. As a finishing touch, consider wearing hair jewellery: the ideal accessory for perfecting your look.

Finger waves for a glamorous look

Dive into the roaring twenties by opting for this sleek and sultry hairstyle. A firm favourite at the fashion shows, the Gatsby style is becoming increasingly popular, even for wedding hairstyles for brides with short hair.

A little tip for express finger waves

Work with clean hair (preferably washed the day before). Select the section of hair you wish to curl. Apply styling mousse, then put in flat hair slides horizontally along the lengths of your strands, spacing them out by around 2 centimetres. Leave your hair to dry and apply hairspray for maximum hold.

The short bob for a hairstyle full of character

Louise Brooks, a 1920's American cinema icon, made this haircut legendary. She wore a bob with straight hair, giving her hairstyle a very structured aspect for a femme fatale look. The essentials for copying her style? A clear-cut bob (which comes down to below the ears) combined with a short fringe to draw attention to the eyes. You should also master the art of blow-drying your hair poker straight.

Just like Louis Brooks, feel free to embellish your haircut with on trend accessories such as a scarf, a ribbon, a headband or even a bandana. Just what you need for a 100% retro look!


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