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Weddings: how can I style my short hair?
Weddings: how can I style my short hair?
Weddings: how can I style my short hair?

Weddings: what hairstyle ideas are there for brides with short hair?


You're getting ready to say 'I do' and even with your short hair, you dream of having a romantic chignon for the big day. Our expert gives you all of their styling ideas so you can look perfect on this exceptional day.

Is it possible to create a chignon in short hair?

"If you don't have enough length for tying up your hair, forget having a chignon! You could wear a hair piece but the result won't be natural. Do you really love this hairstyle? One year before the ceremony, let your hair grow in order to get sufficient length. If you don't have enough time, as you're getting married in a few weeks, ask your hairdresser to create a faux chignon by creating volume with waves. Careful, this still requires a certain length of hair."

"Although tradition states otherwise, the chignon is not a must for a wedding."

Luis Faria

Which other hairstyles can I go for with a short haircut?

"Nothing is stopping you from going for something original by opting for a different tied-up hairstyle (plaits, ponytails, twists...) or leaving your hair down. For example, try out the retro trend from the roaring twenties, by opting for finger waves . You can't beat this shiny slicked back style for enhancing short hair, giving you an ultra-glamorous look."

"You can also add movement with a wavy effect, giving you a very natural look. Alternatively, straighten your hair to obtain a very structured hairstyle. Whatever your choice, above all, don't forget to apply hairspray to finish, so your hairstyle holds until the end of the evening."

Accessories: short hair's best friend

"There are several accessories which allow you to dress up your short haircut, whilst personalising it at the same time. There is a vast amount of choice available to you: experiment with a veil to gain length. Set your heart on a floral crown , which is both sophisticated and bohemian. Or even, get out your most beautiful tiara for a princess look. Not forgetting a netted veil, a headband or pearls which will give you both a unique and elegant bridal look."

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