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Runway to reality: the helmet style
Runway to reality: the helmet style

Runway to reality: the helmet style

Each Alexander McQueen runway show has the ability to surprise the fashion world, just as much for its daring designs as its make-up looks and unique hairstyles. For Autumn-Winter 2014, hairstyles took centre stage. The looks worn by the models were helmet-like and lay close to the head. Should you be recreating this look? Let’s find out.
The helmet style spotted on the catwalk. From afar, this hairstyle almost looks like a helmet made out of hair. This look creates the illusion of hair being wrapped around and around, similar to how a helmet would protect its wearer’s head. However, up close, you can see that this is far from the truth. Tightly braided plaits in horizontal lines form the basis of this style. Much more glamorous than a simple helmet.
Is it wearable? Take this look from runway to reality by incorporating tight braids into your style. However, braid yours in the traditional sense, and avoid the horizontal direction modelled on the runway. To highlight your features, your braids should follow the natural flow of your hair. Similarly, ditch the two front sections that hang loose, unless you want a 90s feel. Braids are the only part you should take inspiration from with this look.
How to get the look. Create braids that flow vertically to make this look work for day-to-day occasions and avoid the McQueen horizontal design. Separate your hair into several different sections. These will each make up a different braid. 6 sections is ideal. Braid your hair using a French plait method. For a more relaxed feel, avoid the helmet look spotted on the runway and braid down to the mid-lengths, leaving the rest of your hair to flow loosely. Braiding from the roots right down to the ends can create a severe look which should be avoided at all costs!
© Pixelformula / Alexander McQueen prêt-à-porter runway, Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 © Jean Louis David
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