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What tips are there to protect your hair from the wind?
What tips are there to protect your hair from the wind?
What tips are there to protect your hair from the wind?

Protect your hair from the wind


Knots, frizz, dried-out locks... The wind can sometimes play nasty tricks on your hair. To prepare yourself for this eventuality, here are three essential tips you should try when it's blowing a gale outside.

An anti-frizz treatment

When your hair is exposed to the wind, it dries out and creates frizz. Pre-empt these hair issues by applying a hydrating treatment such as Jean Louis David's Nutri Serum which nourishes and coats the hair fibre to tame any unruly strands . A few drops is enough to form a barrier against unexpected gusts of wind and humidity. With its small size, you can even pop it into your handbag so that you have it to hand at all times.

An up-do to prevent knots

With the wind messing up your hair, it is best to tie it back to prevent it from getting tangled. However, not all hairstyles are suitable: if a real gale is blowing outside, opt for a hairstyle that ties back all of your hair such as a chignon or a braid, rather than a ponytail. Try out different hairstyles with either top knots or low chignons at the nape of the neck, simple braids or a fishtail plait for added style. To finish, spritz on hairspray to hold it all in place and there you have it!

A wind-cheating accessory

Do you have to wear your short hair down, or is the wind particularly strong outside? Opt for an on-trend hat or tie a scarf around your hair to protect it. Just like a waterproof protects you from the rain, these accessories will give you a wind-cheating effect like nothing else!

Good to know: brush your hair thoroughly in the evening to get rid of any dust or particles the wind may have blown into it.

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