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Go for these simple and on trend hairstyles!
Go for these simple and on trend hairstyles!
Go for these simple and on trend hairstyles!

Our most beautiful hairstyles for standing out in a night club


We have thought about some hairstyles for your next evening out. Take a look at these 3 styles which you can easily create at home right now! These understated hairstyles will ensure you have a look to die for right until the end of the night.

The high ponytail for dancing

All fashionistas are rocking the ponytail this season. It's a real godsend for those of us who are always in a rush. In a few minutes, it gives you a perfect look for a night out on the dance floor. All you need to do is make it look more sophisticated. To create this look, gather your hair on top of your head. Flatten it down using a brush. Then tie it up using an elasticated hair tie, tightening as much as possible without over-doing it. Select a relatively large strand from your ponytail, then plait it. Wrap the braid around your hair tie to conceal it in an original way. To finish, apply Fix Spray, Jean Louis David's anti-humidity hairspray. The dance floor awaits!

A little tip. You can also hide your hair tie with an on trend accessory, such as a ribbon or a metallic ring.

The oversized chignon bun for an elegant dinner

This is the perfect hairstyle for keeping your hair out of your face, emphasising how you hold your head or showcasing your favourite jewellery. To create your XXL chignon, tie your hair up into a high ponytail using an elasticated hair tie. Then pass your hair through a foam donut (chosen according to the colour of your hair). Place the accessory at the base of your tied-up style. Cover it with your hair by wrapping your strands around it to conceal it. Fix it with hairpins placed underneath the bun, ensuring they cannot be seen. To finish, apply hairspray.

A little tip. For a romantic dinner, go for the messy-styled version. To successfully create this look like a pro, follow our step-by-step tutorial.

Side-swept wavy hair for a rock concert

To get inspired, take a look at this elegant look worn by one of our Streetstyle models who has also gone for this hairstyle for an evening out.

Although this hairstyle suits all lengths of hair, such as a bob, the side-swept look particularly enhances XXL hair. To successfully achieve this look, first of all mark out a low side parting. Focus on the side with the least amount of hair by flattening it down towards the back using a fine comb. Hold this section in place at the nape of your neck using flat hairpins.

Then move on to the other side. Apply the thermo-active Absolute Shine Leave-In treatment to the rest of your hair and wave your strands one by one using your straighteners. Then break up your curls using your fingers. Finally, apply hairspray for maximum hold.

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