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How can I obtain a wavy effect with straighteners?
How can I obtain a wavy effect with straighteners?
How can I obtain a wavy effect with straighteners?
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How do I obtain a wavy effect with straighteners?


Yes, your straighteners ARE multi-purpose. They can curl your hair as well as straighten them. It's all a matter of technique! Thanks to our expert's advice, learn how to create beautiful waves.

Several techniques are available to you

"The first solution is wrapping your hair strand by strand around your device. Always choose relatively large similar sized sections of hair to obtain large even curls. Then allow it to heat up for a few seconds and release. Once you have finished, loosen your curls with your fingers or using a flat brush. As a result, you will obtain soft and floaty curls."

"Like curling tongs, straighteners are an ideal tool to create a wavy effect."

Aurea Sanchez Coletto

The two following techniques create much lighter waves than the previous one. "With your straighteners, you can also pull on your hair, as if you were curling ribbon to decorate a gift. This action must be neat, precise and quick. It will immediately add movement to your hair. Finally, the last option: use a front to back twisting wrist action with your straighteners, moving from the roots down to the tips. By doing this you will obtain a light wavy effect."

How can you make your curls hold?

Hairstyling products are there to help you. "For perfect hold, you must apply a product which will coat the hair and hold it in place, fixing the movement you have created. Before styling your hair, apply a sculpting product, such as mousse or Perfect Liss. The latter will smooth the hair without straightening it. To finish, apply hairspray for maximum hold.

Our advice. Before using your straighteners, always apply thermo-active treatment to your hair, such as Absolute Shine Leave-In Treatment. You will protect your hair from high temperatures to preserve your hair's health.

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