Open-top cars, boat trips: how can you avoid getting tangled locks?

Do you plan on going on an outing in an open-top car or on a boat? Then your nemesis is the wind that can mess up your hair and cause knots to form. We take a closer look at 3 ways to avoid this problem.

Pre-empt it with hydrating treatments

Dry or damaged hair is more prone to knots than a strong, perfectly nourished hair fibre. So prepare your hair the night before your outing by following a hydrating shampoo with a hair repair mask. These two products will work with one another to take care of your hair deep down.

Just before you set out in your convertible or take to the water, use a leave-in hydrating treatment, such as Jean Louis David’s Nutri Serum. Spread a few drops out over your locks, paying extra attention to the tips which are particularly vulnerable. This will help to prevent knots from forming and unsightly frizz.

Go for a hairstyle that prevents tangles

Leave your hair down and it is bound to get tangled! To prevent stubborn knots from forming in your hair and hours spent detangling them when you get home, tie up your hair cleverly to hold back all of the strands. This means opting for pretty braids and practical chignons over ponytails to prevent your hair from moving and flipping about in the wind.

Go for a protective accessory

Do not consider wearing a hat for your boat trip or outing in a convertible. Any slight gust of wind will blow it off. Instead, opt for a scarf and tie it under your chin like a glamorous film star. That way, it will wrap around your hair and will form a barrier against gusts of wind. It didn’t become an iconic look for nothing!

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