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The encased ponytail: Spring-Summer 2018's IT hairstyle.
The encased ponytail: Spring-Summer 2018's IT hairstyle.
The encased ponytail: Spring-Summer 2018's IT hairstyle.

On trend: the encased ponytail


The quirky encased ponytail is soon to be the flagship up-do of Spring-Summer 2018. We take a closer look at this quirky, stylised version of one of our favourite hairstyles: the ponytail.

What is it?

A ponytail with a twist by use of an accessory which holds back your locks down the lengths to make it look like your ponytail is encased. This hairstyle was spotted on next season's catwalks and it can be worn low or high, thus giving you a multitude of different looks depending on the chosen accessory. It is worn encased in a transparent Plexiglas tube at Chanel or is futuristic and modern with half of the locks entwined with a colourful scarf at Lanvin, for a very chic, feminine look. At the Fenty Puma fashion show by Rihanna it was fun and off-the-wall, twisted into a neon hair tie to create a de-styled bubble ponytail look. With so many options, it is down to you to decide which one you prefer!

How to create the look?

Start with a sleek blow-dry to make styling easier. To do that, extend out your locks from the roots down to the tips using a round hairbrush and a hairdryer to straighten them. Then, gather your locks at the nape of the neck to form a poker straight ponytail and hold it in place with a hairband.

To encase your up-do you have three options:

- Feed your locks through a tube and lift the accessory towards the base of your ponytail.

- Wind a ribbon around the top of your ponytail, leaving the tips loose.

- Tie your locks up several times down the length with thread, creating random size sections before adding volume and pulling out a few strands.

So, how will you wear the encased ponytail this summer?

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