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Discover these on-trend hairstyles which you can wear on a daily basis.
Discover these on-trend hairstyles which you can wear on a daily basis.
Discover these on-trend hairstyles which you can wear on a daily basis.

Men: try out the man bun on long hair


You love having long hair. The only slight hitch: in terms of styling you are short on ideas! Discover the man bun: the man's version of the chignon. This trendy hairstyle is perfectly suited to your length hair and is ideal for varying your looks on a daily basis. We take a closer look.

Worn by the Samurai, the man bun is more than just a chignon. Designed to hold the helmet of warriors in place, it was a symbol of social status. If a soldier gave up his role or was dismissed, he would be ordered to cut off his top knot to mark his dishonour...Although Sumo wrestlers still wear this hairstyle, this men's chignon has been popularised in Europe and is often seen on the high street.

A chameleon hairstyle

In just a few seasons, this look has emerged as a popular hairstyle for men with mid-length to long hair. Sports people and actors have adopted this style, such as David Beckham and Jared Leto. A favourite amongst hipsters, the man bun can be worn in a deliberately effortless way for a rock look or as a slicked back top knot for an urban style.

Simple and practical, it holds your hair back, keeping the hair out of your face. An extremely versatile hairstyle, it suits all occasions, whether it be for the beach, for sport, an evening out or for work. Another advantage is it suits all textures of hair (straight, wavy, curly or frizzy).

How can I create the man bun?

Very easily, even if you're a novice. Start by deciding where you are going to form your bun. It can be high, in the middle of your head or level with the nape of your neck. Gather your hair into a ponytail and tie it up with an elasticated hair tie, the same colour as your hair. Twist your hair before wrapping it around your accessory to create the bun.

For a relaxed chignon, loosen your tied-up style and leave a few strands loose. If you need to, apply some hairspray (such as Fix Spray) to ensure maximum hold. Are you looking for a more sophisticated finish? Opt for a slicked back man bun by using a brush and a small amount of gel.

Our advice. The man bun works very well with a long or a 3-day beard. Whatever your choice, ensure your beard is perfectly sculpted for a well-groomed look.

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