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How can you show off a beautiful beard?
How can you show off a beautiful beard?
How can you show off a beautiful beard?

Men: how to get a beautifully sculpted beard?


A beard dresses your face and perfects a look whilst giving you maximum style. Do you wish to try out a beard? Find out our expert's advice on how to show off a beautifully well-sculpted beard.

What are the characteristics of a well-sculpted beard?

"Having enough hair is essential so you can properly work with your beard to obtain an even result without any patches. Furthermore, a well-sculpted beard is also a perfectly maintained beard , which does not give you an unkempt look. Finally, it must suit your style: you must be able to wear it on a daily basis, no matter what the situation."

What are the essential tools for properly trimming your beard?

"The essential tool is a pair of hair clippers. Today, there is a vast choice of products on the market to meet everyone's needs. A small piece of advice: preferably choose a small, wireless model as it will be malleable, light and easy to transport. You can also take it on holiday without it taking up too much space. If you have a long beard, you can also use a pair of scissors for trimming. It all depends on your beard's thickness. Finally, always use a fine comb, allowing you to detangle and to style your beard."

What are the rules to follow for defining the demarcations of my beard?

"It depends on several criteria... Firstly, the way the hair grows, which differs from person to person. This defines the type of beard you can adopt. But, above all, it's a question of taste, your desired look and your style. Mark out your beard depending on your face shape and the style you wish to create."

"When it comes to beards, there are no set rules."

Luis Faria

"Some people opt for geometric shapes, whereas others prefer a more natural look. In terms of the neck area, some people cut the hair up to the jawbone and others let it grow down to the Adam's apple. Not forgetting fans of the 3-day beard and those who favour shapely long beards. The only piece of advice for those of you with long beards: trim your hair around your cheeks. You will keep the hair out of your face, perfectly revealing your features."

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