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Find out the benefits of using a scalp scrub
Find out the benefits of using a scalp scrub
Find out the benefits of using a scalp scrub

Men: how to use a scalp scrub


No, gentlemen. Scrubs are not just for your body and face, they can also be used for your scalp and can prove to be a real ally when it comes to combating hair problems. Read on to find out how to use one.

Scalp scrubs are hair treatments recommended for men who have greasy hair or dandruff as they allow you to purify your scalp. They do not replace anti-dandruff treatments but can help dislodge the most stubborn flakes of dead skin to eliminate them so they do not randomly drop. Note, however, that if you have a sensitive scalp, it is best to avoid using them so as not to aggravate it. Similarly do not use a scalp scrub if you have a spot or cut on your head or you have just had your hair coloured.

Which scalp scrub to choose?

There are several types of hair scrubs to choose from. Some are granular pastes which allow you to exfoliate the scalp whilst massaging it and others come in the form of exfoliating shampoos which dissolve dead skin cells. Opt for the latter if you do not have the patience to massage in the scrub.

Good to know: opt for scrubs containing sugar granules or apricot or olive kernels which are less abrasive than salt.

How to use it properly?

It's very simple, they are used just like a classic shampoo! Apply a small amount of product to damp hair and spread it out evenly over your scalp. If it's a granular scrub, emulsify it by making small circular movements to thoroughly exfoliate.

As for frequency of use, this regenerating treatment can be repeated once or twice a week, no more, to make the most of its benefits. This is because exfoliating your scalp too often risks over-stimulating the sebaceous glands, making your hair become greasy much more quickly.

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