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How can I stop my scalp from itching?
How can I stop my scalp from itching?
How can I stop my scalp from itching?
Hair care

Itchy scalp: a good regime to adopt


Our expert helps you understand the causes of an itchy scalp to treat it in the best possible way. They will also give you their advice on how to adopt a targeted hair regime.

Why is my scalp itching?

"In most cases, itching is caused by dandruff or your skin shedding. The appearance of dandruff can be explained by an imbalance in the production of sebum. As a result, the scalp becomes too dry or greasy... it's easy to tell the difference. If it's dry dandruff, the dead skin falls down when you scratch your head. Conversely, greasy dandruff will remain stuck to your head in patches. Your scalp itching can also be due to nervous energy: stress, fatigue, being over-worked... but also due to external damaging factors such as pollution, which can cause allergies."

Which treatments should I try to stop the itching?

"If you don't have specific treatments, consider properly hydrating your hair with a treatment enriched in regenerating agents. However, the must-have product is a targeted anti-dandruff treatment. There is a large choice available on the market. Above all, regularly follow your treatment to obtain a conclusive result. Be careful to avoid treatments which aren't suited to your hair type as these can cause itching. For example, using a harsh shampoo when your scalp is highly sensitive."

"You must maintain your scalp with care. If this fine and very sensitive skin's balance is disrupted, your hair will not be able to grow in the right conditions."

Vanessa Giani

What are the essential things I can do to keep my scalp healthy?

"Above all, you mustn't rub or scratch your scalp. If you do this, you will get a brief feeling of relief. However, by doing this, the itching is bound to get more intense. Furthermore, regularly massage your scalp to maintain it . Make the most of shampooing your hair by stimulating your scalp with your fingertips for 30 seconds. Finally, space out how often you shampoo your hair ! Washing your hair two to three times a week is more than enough to preserve your hair's vitality."

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Vanessa Giani - trainer in Paris
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Vanessa Giani - trainer in Paris
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