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Find out when it is worth leaving your shampoo to work before rinsing
Find out when it is worth leaving your shampoo to work before rinsing

Shampoo: should you rinse it out right away or leave it to soak in?

When washing your hair, do you always wonder whether it is best to wait a bit before rinsing out your shampoo or wash it out right away? Well, it all depends on your shampoo! Let us explain...

Conventional shampoo: no need to let it soak in

This is the case for most standard shampoos which are mainly for removing impurities, residue from styling products and pollution particles. Designed to suit your hair type , conventional shampoo comes with a range of different targeted formulations. They have a very limited effect on greasy roots, dry areas and coloured hair. This means that it is not necessary to wait for the product to work and you can rinse it out very quickly after shampooing. However, to make the most of its benefits, do not forget to massage your scalp by making small circular movements to effectively cleanse it.

Specialised shampoo: leave it to soak in

If your shampoo is formulated to address a hair issue such as dandruff, a sensitive scalp or hair loss, do not rinse it out right away. You should give it enough time for the active ingredients to work to purify or soothe your scalp, or perhaps promote hair growth.

The same goes for purple shampoo which neutralises yellow highlights in grey hair and corrects coloured locks which have changed colour over time. Leaving it to soak in for a few minutes is essential for enhancing your natural hair or for getting it back to its original shade.


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