Long hair, which cut to bring out its full potential?

It’s taken months or even years to get long hair! But have you got the right haircut to go with it? Full or layered, fringe or side fringe, fine or thick hair… Follow our advice to find out which haircut is for you.
Long hair is considered long once it reaches the shoulders. At this stage, your hair starts to get heavier and your ends start to wear. So make sure you take good care of it and choose a haircut that suits your hair type.
If you have fine hair, go for layers to add movement. But keep it subtle. “If you cut too far into your hair, your hair will end up looking even thinner. And on very long hair, this can leave the ends really thin and fragile. So it’s best to concentrate your layers towards to the top of your head.”
If you have long, thick hair you can go for more accentuated layers. “This will reduce the weight of your hair, creating more volume.” The result: glamorous hair, full of movement.
Another way of boosting your cut, especially if you have long hair, is with a fringe. Once again, choose your fringe to suit your hair type. You’ll also need to make sure it matches your cut.
The fringe is a great option, particularly if you don’t have layers. “If you have fine hair, start the fringe from as high up as possible to create an illusion of volume.” If you have layers, choose a wispy fringe or a side fringe so as not to dampen their tousled effect.

Our tip: To keep your cut looking as good as new, make sure you look after it. Visit your hairdresser every 3 months to refresh the cut and its shape and get rid of those dastardly split ends.

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