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Go for a summer fringe!
Go for a summer fringe!

Is a fringe in summer a good or bad idea?

Ideal for enhancing your haircut, fringes can quickly become unbearable in summer. Why? When the temperature soars, we start to sweat. Should you avoid having a fringe at this time of year? Here is our response.

Highly on-trend , for a few years now fringes have been a resounding success and quite rightly so. Thanks to the many variations, fringes suit most people. A bonus is that they allow you to change your look whilst preserving your hair's length. You are bound not to get bored with this popular styling technique, apart from in summer, when your hair has a tendency to become frizzy and stick to your forehead. Although this season is not ideal for succumbing to the fringe, you can still take the plunge as long as you follow our advice to the letter.

#1 Choose a style of fringe suited to high temperatures

When hot weather is on the cards, say goodbye to thick, blunt, curved fringes. These are extremely unforgiving when it comes to styling. To hit the beach in style , go for a curtain fringe , which is worn on either side of the forehead, ideal for letting it breathe! Another possible alternative is a wispy side fringe . Worn side-swept, this thinned-out or layered version can be tucked behind one ear in the blink of an eye. If it is becoming unruly, all you need is a small flat hairpin to hold it in place.

#2 Adopt an impeccable hair routine

Sweat is your fringe's number one enemy, so in summer you must be prepared to wash your hair even more frequently than normal. If despite all of your efforts, your fringe still needs a minor touch-up, apply a few squirts of dry shampoo to save the day.


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