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The African braid, the must-have look of the season!
The African braid, the must-have look of the season!

How to wear the mini African braid?

The African braid really has everything going for it: it keeps your hair out of your face and perfectly holds your hair back, whilst giving you maximum style. Find out three ways to wear this braid as a mini version!

A mini-braid on the side for a side-swept hairstyle

The advantage of side-swept hair is that it suits all styles! It can be glamorous, sophisticated or can create a rock look. If you combine it with a mini braid, you will add an irresistible fashionable touch to your hairstyle. To achieve this look, separate your hair into two sections, creating a low parting . Tie up the section which has the most hair, then concentrate on the other section.

Start braiding it from the roots whilst properly flattening down your hair. Stop level with nape of your neck and hold it in place with a transparent hair tie. To finish, apply hairspray.

The result: a hairstyle which is in the spirit of a rock chick half-hawk! To recreate this style at your own pace, take a look at the half-hawk in more detail .

Multiple sleek braids for an urban look

Multiplying the amount of braids on your head is one of this year's flagship trends. Flicking through the pages of women's magazines, you are bound to come across the cornrow phenomenon , an XXL must-have version from the Spring-Summer 2016 season.

Here, the idea is to create as many African braids as you so desire, whilst keeping a certain amount of symmetry. It is down to you to choose if you prefer working with all of your hair or just a section.

Once you have mastered the braiding technique , let your imagination run wild! Play with geometric braids, plaits of different thicknesses or contrasting relief...with African braids, the possibilities are endless!

A braided parting for a distinctive style

When it comes to styling, do you love creating new looks? Here's a fashionable alternative to a classic parting, whether it be a middle or side part. It has been spotted several times on the catwalks during Fashion Weeks and on the red carpet.

To create your braided parting , you just need to separate out a section of your hair using a fine comb. Then divide it into three equal sections and start to create your sleek mini braid. To finish, hold it in place with a transparent hair tie. You'll see, this small detail is great for turning a classic hairstyle into an original and sophisticated look.

Don't have much time in the mornings? Take a look at these ideas for express braiding !


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