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How to wear the double braid
How to wear the double braid

How to wear the double braid

Double braids often remind us of our school days and childhood, due to their playful nature. However, today, they’re fast becoming a popular look for women everywhere. So, think you’re going to give the double braids a go this season?
The double braid. Braids are one of this season’s must-have looks, and are super easy to style. Rather than opting for the classic version, more and more alternatives are being created all the time. Amongst them are the braided crown, braided chignon and the double braid. The latter allows you to quickly change up your hairstyle with a sophisticated end result.
Who can wear the trend? Anybody who wants to update the way they braid their locks, add a touch of personality and create a boho-chic edge to their look. This style is best suited to women with long hair, which creates a more visual effect when the two long braids lie against the bust area.
Get the look. Start by creating a centre parting. The easiest way to create this look is to braid either side of your parting. To add an original touch, roll the upper sections of hair back onto themselves around ear level, then braid the mid-lengths as normal. Secure with a tight hair elastic to make sure your braids stay firmly in place. Complete your look with an even layer of hairspray to set your style.
© Pixelformula / Y3 prêt-à-porter runway, Spring-Summer 2014  © Jean Louis David
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