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How to vary my hairstyles without cutting my hair?
How to vary my hairstyles without cutting my hair?
How to vary my hairstyles without cutting my hair?

How to vary my hairstyles without cutting my hair?


Lately, you have been wanting to change your look...However, sacrificing even a centimetre of your hair is out of the question! Follow this guide to undergo a transformation without the need for a haircut.

Opt for an adaptable haircut

This is the essential starting point which allows you to have fun with your hair just as you'd hoped. Don't choose a cut which is too rigid, elaborate, too thinned out or layered. These types of styles will not allow you to be creative as they will inevitably limit your options. Go for a simple cut which will guarantee both movement and good volume.

Change your parting

Your choice of parting can completely modify the balance and finish off your haircut, giving yourself a new look! Opt for a side parting to add volume. Alternate it with a middle parting to give yourself a symmetrical and structured look. Finally, choose a low parting to create maximum movement.

Play with effects

Rounded, messy-styled, wavy, flattened down or even curly... Test out as many effects as possible! These different techniques will allow you to change your hair's appearance and your overall haircut. To achieve these styles, hairstyling products will become your best allies. On the other hand, feel free to use curling tongs or straighteners to completely change your look.

Fall in love with makeovers

Of course, all kinds of tied-up hairstyles (chignons, plaits, ponytails) are a perfect way to vary how your hair looks on a daily basis. But are you familiar with makeovers? They are hairstyles which give the illusion of fully transforming your hair. You can have XXL hair with clip-in extensions, a faux bob or a faux short haircut according to your desired look. Guaranteed impressive effects await you!

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