How to use the diffuser attachment on your hairdryer properly

With its unusual shape, your hairdryer’s diffuser attachment can often be a mystery if you do not know how to use it. Yet, it is essential for curls and is highly practical whatever your hair type. We tell you how to use this clever accessory.
This circular attachment full of spikes which you can clip onto the end of your hairdryer can often come in strange shapes and sizes depending on the model. However, this drying aid is easy to use on both short and XXL locks.

What is it used for?

Thanks to its shape, the diffuser spreads out the heat evenly to protect the hair fibre from the strong blasts of the hairdryer. This makes this accessory perfect if you have damaged locks. Plus, its spikes lift the roots to give your hair volume and it separates the strands out to create texture. A real godsend for hair lacking in volume.

For wavy, frizzy or curly hair: it tames unruly strands and helps curls to keep their shape. It dries your hair without creating frizz or loosening waves. Instead, it enhances them.

For fine, soft or straight locks: it gives you a natural drying process, gives your hair more volume and helps you to create a wavy look.

To enhance your curls

Apply a thermo-protective hydrating treatment to your locks to keep them from drying out. With your hair upside-down, place your front strands into the attachment. Dry them on a medium heat setting using an upward pumping movement. This will give volume to the upper sections of your hair. With a short haircut, do the same movement but not as vigorously.
Then, lift your head back up and tilt it 90° to one side to work on another section of hair in the same way. Do the same with another strand, keeping the diffuser vertical. Your curls will grip onto the spikes as soon as you lift the attachment. The result: they will dry without breaking. Finish off by drying the strands at the nape of your neck. This way, you can create beautiful cascading curls.

For a wavy look hairstyle

Spray the lengths of your hair with sea water to add texture. Then, with your head tilted forwards, briefly dry your locks, scrunching each strand with your hands. Accompany the movement with the diffuser which will set the wavy style. If your hair is fine, opt for medium temperature. However, if your locks are thicker, turn up the heat. Lift your head and repeat the movement on the strands which frame your face.
Top tip: finish off the hairstyle with a blast of cold air to set it and add shine.

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