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How to take care of red hair
How to take care of red hair

How to take care of red hair

Natural red hair is a lot rarer than brown or blond hair, and it's important that you take care of it. After all, vibrant red needs a little TLC too!
There aren't very many shampoos and products designed especially for red hair. "If you have red hair, choose shampoos designed for your hair type rather than your hair colour. I often recommend henna-based shampoos for red hair as these bring out the different nuances and are a lot less concentrated than pure henna, which is often difficult to control. Henna tends not to look very natural. It is also worth nothing that, in small doses, the sun is great for redheads as it quickly brings out the hair's different nuances."
Red hair is often thick and more difficult to tame than brown or blond hair. "You must therefore look after it by applying masks designed for thick hair". As for taming red hair, it all depends on the haircut. "Many redheads like to leave their hair natural. When they want to straighten it things get a bit more complicated: a protective product should be used as thick hair needs more heat in order to be tamed. More heat means more protection to avoid damaging your hair." So apply a thermo-straightening spray to damp hair in order to protect your hair from the heat of your straighteners.
If you want to brighten up your hair with some pretty nuances, "either visit your hairdresser to revive your colour or use a re-pigmentation shampoo at home. Avoid using overly strong products, these could end up altering your hair. To look after a vibrant red, concentrate on using shampoos rather than colouring treatments. Though these are lighter, they are less likely to alter your hair as they are not full of harmful chemicals."
Our tip: Want to brighten up your red hair? Head to Jean Louis David for an expert service and enjoy their Color Therapy range. This will give you a long-lasting, bright and beautiful colour whilst hydrating your hair.
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