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How to pull off the visor
How to pull off the visor
How to pull off the visor
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How to pull off the visor

The visor is the go-to headpiece for most sportsmen and women, especially tennis players. But it is also great if you want to go for a 90s look. The visor sits on your head, leaving the top of your head exposed. Find out more about this sporty trend.

A visor, but what material? For a long time visors were made out of plastic, with toweling versions available for sports players. Today you can find them made out of more eco-friendly, chic materials such as raffia and straw. But stick to plastic if you’re after that glamorous, 90s look!

The visor on loose hair. The visor protects your eyes and forehead without hiding your hair, so don’t forget to style it! It won’t take much work. Leave your hair down, straight or curly; and create a neat centre parting. Then, simply put on your visor, making sure it rests mid-way down your forehead. Why not apply a hair serum to add extra shine.

The visor with an up-do. Wearing a visor gives you a casual, sporty look without making it seem like you haven’t made an effort. There is no need to go for sophisticated, overly-complicated up-dos. Opt for a high, straight ponytail and, if your hair is long enough, plait it for a more romantic effect. Spray a layer of hairspray to keep it in place.

The right look to go with it. For a sporty, chic look, opt for pleated skirts, waisted shorts, open-toe shoes and baggy tops. For a 90s revival, go for flat shoes and skinny jeans with a sweater on top, concentrating on extra details such as cut-out lace. Or, for an extra girly look, choose a visor with soft colours and complement it with a tropical or pastel-print dress.

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