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Find out how to hide grey hairs between colour treatments.
Find out how to hide grey hairs between colour treatments.
Find out how to hide grey hairs between colour treatments.
Grey hair

How to conceal grey hair between colour treatments?


After colouring your hair, the roots tend to become visible after two weeks if you have lots of grey hairs and after 3 to 4 weeks if you only have a few. Here are three solutions which allow you to effectively hide them before your next appointment at the salon.

Be cunning with your hairstyle

Forget side or middle partings and hairstyles which pull all of your hair back, as they put all the focus on your roots. Instead, opt for scrunched effects or curly locks which allow you to hide your roots, at least for a certain amount of time. With a zigzag parting you can avoid drawing attention to your roots, and you can hide grey hairs around your face by bringing some strands towards the front. Also, playing with your hair's body allows you to buy some time between colour treatments.

Apply hair make-up

In the form of a compact powder or spray, there are several products specifically designed to instantly make your grey roots vanish. Pretty effective on brown hair, they allow you to create a smooth transition between two colour treatments. However, using these products is quite restrictive and you must get the hang of using them so that you don't go over the hairline, especially at the temples and at the roots on your forehead, where grey hairs love to pop up. You can also get coloured dry shampoo which delivers the same results, providing you only have a few grey hairs. Lastly, there are mascaras specifically designed for grey hair which can often save the day. However, you must work hair by hair. As a result, this product is not very effective if you have a lot to cover. Also, bear in mind that any excess product is hard to remove.

Prevent grey hairs from appearing by keeping your locks in good condition

Using shampoo and treatments specifically formulated for coloured hair allows you to slow down the loss of pigments by helping them to stay in place. Products available in salons are much more effective than those sold in mass retail, as they have more complex formulations, ensuring better protection of your colour and hair.

Opt for specialised hair colouring treatments

If you have a great deal of grey hairs, the best thing to do is to forget block colours and go for highlights or streaks instead . The lighter your natural hair colour is, the easier it will be to mask your grey hairs. This means that you can gain a few extra weeks, and you will only need to retouch your roots to get an even result.

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