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Succumb to honey colour highlights for a sun-kissed effect on your locks.
Succumb to honey colour highlights for a sun-kissed effect on your locks.

Brunettes: which colour highlights should I go for?

Do you wish to add a sun-kissed effect to your brunette hair to give it more depth and intensity? Opt for highlights. You can get a natural and light-reflecting result providing you choose the right colour to suit you.

Highlights in brown hair: the rules to follow

This technique consists of colouring just a few strands of your hair to give it a shine boost. For the effect to be as natural as possible, the contrast between your hair colour and the shade used for the highlights must be as minimal as possible. A maximum of 3 to 4 tones lighter than your hair colour is the perfect happy medium so the highlights blend flawlessly into your hair. However, for honey highlights, the lightest recommended highlights for brunettes, you must lighten your hair by 4 to 5 tones. Between the two are warm colours, such as caramel and auburn, which are also highly on trend.

DIY highlights

This is an extremely risky undertaking. Each hair reacts differently depending on the product, the heat and its condition. It is therefore very difficult to take all these factors into account and to use the right amount of product like a pro. It is worth entrusting your hair to a hairdresser to avoid any catastrophes.

How can I keep my highlights looking their best?

The Jean Louis David colour enhancers from the Color Therapy range help to preserve your highlights' shine whilst keeping your hair in good condition. For an effective result, choose a colour enhancer which is closest to your natural hair colour.

An alternative to highlights

In Jean Louis David salons, opt for the Gloss treatment, a subtler technique which allows you to revive your highlights and enhance your hair's colour, or a Sunlight treatment, exclusive to Jean Louis David, which gives brown and chestnut hair magnificent light-reflecting highlights. A sun-kissed beach look is guaranteed!

Now you have no excuse for having dull and lifeless hair!


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