Hair colouring: how can I warm up my naturally brown hair?

Is your dark brown hair giving you a dull complexion now that the last bit of your summer tan has worn off? Here are three ways to warm up your brown hair, to brighten up your locks and complexion!

Go for an indulgent shade of brown

There’s no need to completely change your look to get your complexion looking radiant again. Instead, a simple tone-on-tone colouring treatment can work wonders in terms of reviving your natural colour. Opt for indulgently warm shades: a hazelnut brown or a shade of mocha to boost a relatively light brown base colour, or a chocolate brown to flatter darker shades. Lastly, an intense cocoa colour will add a subtle flash of light to ebony locks.

Go for highlights that light up your base colour

You cannot beat a sun-kissed look for warming up brown hair in the blink of an eye! So go for highlights which will put pretty fair strands in your locks, adding an array of shades to your brown base. However, if you want caramel or honey highlights, don’t go any more than one to three shades lighter than your base colour. The idea is that your highlights blend perfectly into your hair. At your Jean Louis David salon, ask your hairdresser for a Sunlight treatment.

Enhance your colour with red highlights

Just like sun-kissed highlights, red tones liven up your base colour. So this is one of the best options for adding contrast and depth to your brown locks. Copper, mahogany and auburn highlights are all suitable for brunettes of various shades!