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Caramel highlights: for chestnut to brown hair
Caramel highlights: for chestnut to brown hair
Caramel highlights: for chestnut to brown hair
Hair colouring

Caramel highlights: for chestnut to brown hair


Fall in love with this on trend, warm shade to instantly warm up your colour. Here is all you need to know before trying it out.

First of all, why opt for highlights?

It will add maximum relief, shine and personality to your hair. In the Jean Louis David salons, ask for a Contrast treatment. This technique consists of making your hair lighter with luminous highlights. Above all, always choose a tone one to three tones lighter than your base colour to keep it looking natural and elegant.

Caramel highlights, who are they for?

They are best for enhancing chestnut or brown hair, as it is still in the same tonal range. By choosing this colour, you will guarantee a discreet and natural result. Furthermore, your hair will catch and reflect the light perfectly. Also, caramel highlights immediately add depth and intensity to your haircut. With its warm tones, it particularly enhances Latin beauties and tanned skin.

How can I maintain the highlights?

Your highlights don't require much upkeep as it's a partial and temporary colouring technique. It ages very well by naturally and gradually washing out over time. Go to visit your hairdresser roughly every 3 months to carry out any touch-ups on your hair or to re-boost your colour's radiant shine. At home, maintain your hair by adopting the Color Therapy regime. You will therefore preserve your colour, which shines with radiance for weeks.

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