Colouring: how can a dark base be given depth?

To liven up your dark brown hair, you have several options. Lightening techniques or a personalised hair colouring treatment. We take a closer look.

The Sunlight treatment, for a sun-kissed effect

This is a permanent partial and exclusive lightening technique which gives a shine boost to your hair. The colouring specialist will focus on the tips and the hair around the face. Only a few strands are selected and lightened by 1 to 3 shades to create a look which is both subtle and natural. Unless you request otherwise, the roots are left as they are to create maximum contrast and to add depth, shine and light-reflecting properties to your locks.

The 2-in-1 treatment, for a light-catching look

The hairdresser colours the entirety of your hair to give it a boost, then they will focus on a few strands, lightening them with a special powder. This meticulous task is adapted according to your desired look, your haircut and the shape of your face. As a result, your brown locks will be sprinkled with permanent highlights.

Will the hair get damaged?

The condition of brown hair is only very slightly impacted by a chocolate Sunlight treatment as it only adds coloured pigments. As for the 2-in-1 service, the aim is to give depth to your dark base so the hair colouring is less damaging than if you were to change your hair colour by several shades.

How can you maintain your hair colouring?

To preserve your new highlights’ shine , use treatments specifically formulated for coloured hair, such as those from Jean Louis David’s Color Therapy range. If you take care of your locks, your Sunlight treatment can last up to 8 weeks. The chocolate colour enhancer will help you to make a smooth transition between colour treatments by enhancing your hair’s radiant shine.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to give your hair a dip in delicious chocolate!