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 Go for the sun-kissed effect with the Sunlight treatment.
Go for the sun-kissed effect with the Sunlight treatment.
Go for the sun-kissed effect with the Sunlight treatment.
Hair colouring

Lighten your hair with the Jean Louis David Sunlight treatment


Do you dream of giving your locks a sun-kissed beach effect? Opt for the Sunlight treatment: an exclusive Jean Louis David technique which embellishes your light brown or brunette hair with luminous highlights. We take a look at what this technique promises to achieve, the results and upkeep...everything you need to know before trying it out!

What exactly is the Sunlight technique?

It's a permanent partial lightening technique which gives your hair an immediate sun-kissed effect. This hair colouring technique stems from the Contrast technique (the Jean Louis David version of highlights). Whilst the Contrast is meant for blonde hair, the Sunlight technique is recommended for average to dark bases. If you are brunette, the Sunlight treatment will give you brown, auburn or even mahogany highlights. If you have light brown hair, your hair will have pretty copper nuances.

The technique used

To apply this radiant lightening effect, your hairdresser will just focus on the hair which frames the face and the tips. They will select a few strands and will make them one to three tones lighter. The objective: to recreate the natural effects of the sun to perfection. The roots are left as they are to create as much of a contrast as possible.

What you'll love: once applied, the Sunlight technique adds relief, shine and luminosity to your locks. With its discreet and natural finish, it is easy to wear. Finally, it highlights each movement and detail of your haircut.

An easy-to-maintain colour

This permanent colouring technique ages very well with time. As the highlights created are very subtle, there is no unsightly 'roots effect'. You just need to visit your hairdresser every 3 to 4 months to prolong the result.

At home, maintain the Sunlight technique with treatments specifically formulated for coloured hair. These products will revive your hair's colour for days, whilst preserving its health. If you wish to adopt a comprehensive and effective hair regime, Jean Louis David suggests you try the Color Therapy range. Your two beauty essentials? Intense Color Shampoo and the Color enhancers. All you need to do is choose the shade which is the closest to your hair colouring!

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