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   New treatments from the Color Therapy range.
New treatments from the Color Therapy range.
New treatments from the Color Therapy range.
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A closer look at colour enhancers: a new treatment from Jean Louis David


The Color Therapy range has been enriched with 4 new products which include these 3 enhancers. Their promise? To revive the pigments of your hair's colour, adding maximum shine. We take a closer look.

What do colour enhancers consist of?

These treatments are made up of nutritive pigments whose effects last for roughly one week (2 to 3 shampoos). Equally suitable for natural and coloured hair, they respond to the needs of all hair colours. Available in 3 shades: the chocolate enhancer is designed for dark bases, whereas the copper version is specifically formulated for average tones. Finally, the golden enhancer is suitable for hair ranging from blond to light brown.

Colour enhancers, for which results?

Once applied, the enhancers boost your hair's shine and intensify any highlights. Your hair becomes luminous and shiny, seeing as it's perfectly hydrated. Therefore, your locks perfectly catch the light . Fans of colouring take note: these products are THE solution for keeping your hair colour looking beautiful in between visits to the salon. They do not replace colouring but they prolong its effect. They are complementary treatments, which have been formulated to revive your hair colour's pigments for weeks.

How do I use these pigmenting treatments?

At home, integrate them into your daily hair regime. Don't use them every time you shampoo your hair, as their effects last for several washes. One application a week is enough to obtain optimum results. Furthermore, always apply your treatment to clean, damp wrung out hair. Once you have applied it, get into the habit of detangling your hair using a comb to ensure the product is evenly spread. Allow it to soak in for 5 minutes, before thoroughly rinsing with clean water.

How can I maximise the effects of colour enhancers?

Complete your treatment by using the entire Color Therapy range: Color Intense Shampoo, Deep Color Mask and the leave-in 10 in 1 treatment from the new collection . These products can also be used in the salon. When your treatment is applied, your hairdresser will add even more powerful active ingredients for intense effects and a 100% personalised result.

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