How to change your color from dip-dye to Splashlight

Anyone who follows hair trends religiously is going to love this new color technique. Moreover, if you currently have dip-dyed locks, making the change to a Splashlight color is very simple. When transforming your hair from dip-dye to Splashlight, the level at which your lightened hair sits simply needs to be moved higher up your lengths. Read on to discover our pro’s advice.
Your stylist will take a closer look at your dip-dye hair color to evaluate how to proceed with your Splashlight treatment. ‘If your dip-dye is very low down your lengths, this will be brought upwards towards your eye line and the ends will be darkened to remove any traces of lightness below this area. The tips of your hair should look natural for the Splashlight treatment to have maximum effect. The main part of the process is bringing your lightened section upwards as your lower half will be too light in its current state’.
Don’t worry about damaging your hair or making it fragile. ‘Your hair is not overly lightened or bleached so there’s no need to panic. Only your root area will be lightened, whereas your tips will be restored to their natural darker color’.
Our Tip: Splashlight is suitable for all hair types and styles. Try this look if your hair is layered for luxury body and volume combined. You can even opt for Splashlight if your hair is naturally curly, although the effect is less likely to resemble a halo of light due to the irregularity in shape and texture’.
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