How to boost your hair when pregnant

So, you’ve told your friends and family that they will soon be hearing the patter of tiny footsteps. If you’re starting to show, no doubt your hair will be starting to undergo a few changes too. Pregnancy hormones make your hair appear healthier and just as radiant as you!
During your pregnancy you hair is full of volume thanks to hormonal changes in our bodies. ‘Your hair is at its most beautiful in the 9 months of your pregnancy. Your hair is less greasy and is full of life and vivacity, so make the most of it! The hormones that create this effect will only last during your pregnancy and will soon fade after you have had your baby.’
Don’t wait until the end of your 9 months to go to your stylist. ‘As soon as you find out you’re pregnant, stop using any products which release colour pigments and dyes. If you have highlights, you won’t be able to have these retouched until after you’ve given birth. So make sure you head down to your salon in advance to avoid dark roots…you have to make sacrifices!’
Similarly, it’s no good changing your hair care routine whilst being pregnant. ‘Don’t bother changing your products and simply enjoy what your hormones do to your head. The only thing you might want to change is your shampoo if, for example, your hair is less greasy or less dry than before. Modify your shampoo and conditioner depending on how your hair has changed, but don’t go any further than this.’
Unfortunately, you will need to change up your hair care routine after you’ve had your baby. ‘Some women loose their hair, so you need to be prepare. If this happens to you, go to your doctor or GP so that they can prescribe the right medication and vitamins to take. Whatever you do, don’t panic! It will grow back!’
Our tip: Plan ahead and make sure you book an appointment with your hairdresser just before you have your baby to have a cut or a re-style. Let’s face it, you’re not going to have much time to take care of yourself during the first couple of months as a new-mum!


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