How to avoid knotty hair

Long hair tends to get knotty, which can be a nightmare to untangle. There are many reasons why they occur. Read about them here to find out how to avoid them and have beautiful, untangled hair.
Wind, really dry hair, failure to look after it properly (and untangle it) every day, and next thing you know, you’ve got knotty hair. Some people can get rid of knots as quickly as they appear. But for others, untangling hair can be a more risky operation. To avoid knots, follow our advice!
Bear in mind that healthy, hydrated hair is a lot less likely to get tangled. Dry hair can therefore be a cause of knots, as can damaged ends. This is the case for dry hair, and in particular for curly, frizzy hair. “To solve this problem, nourish your hair using masks for dry hair or keratin-based treatments to deeply repair the hair’s fibre and smooth out the cuticles.”
Over the course of the day (depending on how long your hair is), your hair rubs against your clothes and your shoulders. And during the night it rubs against your pillow. This can also be a cause of knots. If you’re finding this a huge problem, wear it up, in plaits for example.
Knots can also appear if hair is not well-looked after on a daily basis. “You need to brush your hair to get rid of impurities and stop knots from appearing.” Do this every morning and evening to be safe!
Finally, if knots tend to form at the ends of your hair, it means it’s time for a trim! “Trimming your damaged ends regularly allows your hair to grow faster for healthier-looking hair. If you don’t want to lose too much length, just visit your hairdresser for a trim twice a year.”
Our tip: If despite all your precautions you’re still having trouble with knots, your one last option is to face up to them! To gently untangle them, use a comb and start at the mid-lengths/or ends rather than at the roots. Apply a conditioner to make it easier if your knots are especially stubborn.

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