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The perfect hairstyles for doing yoga
The perfect hairstyles for doing yoga

How should you style your hair for yoga?

The upward-facing or downward-facing dog, the chair, warrior or tree... As those who have been to a yoga class will know, one yoga pose is followed swiftly by another! When at a yoga class, under no circumstances do you want to be put off by unruly locks getting in your way. To prevent this from happening, you can rely on clever styling techniques to enjoy your yoga class in the best possible way.

A ballerina bun

You cannot beat a top knot to stop hair getting into your eyes whenever you change yoga pose! With this high up-do, you are guaranteed great freedom of movement and zero annoyance when lying out on your mat. A plus point if you get hot when working out: it keeps your hair off the nape of your neck.

Express tutorial. To create this hairstyle, gather all of your hair together, sweeping it back using a brush and tie it into a ponytail. Then, coil your locks around to form a bun and fix it with hairpins. Apply a mist of hairspray to finish for flawless hold!

Boxer braids

Yes, boxer braids are also handy for creating a knockout hairstyle, taming any unruly locks right down to the tips.

Express tutorial. To create these braids, separate your hair into two with a central parting which extends down to the nape of the neck. On each side, select three strands of hair from the front of your head, at the roots. Start to form an inverted braid, adding sections to each piece of hair gradually as you plait, as you would for an African braid, to obtain a duo of sleek plaits. Secure each one with a hairband.

A low ponytail

Ultra-simple, this is THE fastest solution.

Express tutorial. You simply need to gather all of your hair together and tie it up as low as possible at the nape of the neck. This will prevent the hairband from annoying you when you're lying flat on your mat. Feel free to add more hairbands down the length of the ponytail, like a bubble ponytail, to tame your locks and to create an even more practical hairstyle.


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