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How do I style a fringe which is too long?
How do I style a fringe which is too long?
How do I style a fringe which is too long?

How do I style a fringe which is too long?


A fringe which grows back can quickly become a daily annoyance. How should you style it? How can you blend it into your hair? Whilst waiting for your next appointment with the hairdresser, discover our hairstyling ideas so you can always look your best!

Divide the fringe in two

Create a middle parting to divide the fringe into two parts. Spray it with Absolute Shine Leave-In Thermo- Active Treatment. Curl the fringe up at the ends using straighteners. Finally, fix the movement with hairspray. This tip works perfectly on wavy hair.

Create movement on the side

Mark out a side parting or a low side parting according to your desired look. Protect your fringe from the heat with a thermo-active treatment, then straighten to transform it into a side-swept look. Apply hairspray to finish. Alternatively, if you do not wish to use heated devices, you can also keep your hair behind your ear using flat hairpins or a hair grip.

Focus on hairstyles inspired by the sixties!

Dare to try a retro style to tame your fringe. One option: create a quiff. To do this, lightly backcomb your fringe before brushing it back and securing with a hairpin. Another option: go for a large headband which will flatten down your hair and give you a baby-doll look.

Tie up your hair

Whether you opt for a ponytail, a chignon bun or braids, all types of tied-up styles are a way of concealing a fringe which has become too long. Above all, consider flattening your hair down well and feel free to use flat hairpins or a small amount of gel to help you.

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