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 A closer look at how to get long-lasting sun-kissed highlights
A closer look at how to get long-lasting sun-kissed highlights
A closer look at how to get long-lasting sun-kissed highlights
Hair colouring

How can you hold on to your summer highlights?


The summer holidays can brighten your hair with highlights that catch the light. Follow our advice on how to hold onto them for as long as possible, and show off a radiant hair colour full of vitality.

In summer, the sun lightens the most exposed parts of your hair, mainly the mid-lengths parts and the tips. To keep these summer highlights intact, do not get your hair cut and instead, opt for shine-enhancing treatments.

If your colour is natural

The first condition for keeping your hair's shine intact: make sure your hair is in perfect health. If it's dry, weak or damage-prone, it will quickly start to look dull. As soon as autumn arrives, opt for regenerating treatments which will strengthen the hair fibre. With their formula enriched in plant oils (jojoba, argan, date palm), products from the Oil Therapy range deeply restructure your hair whilst giving it maximum shine.

If your hair is coloured, opt for 2 in 1 products which moisturise the hair fibre and boost your hair colour's radiant shine. Thanks to their protective active ingredients, those from the Color Therapy range revitalise damage-prone hair and act as a shield against external damaging factors (pollution, hard water, strong UV rays). Note: for perfectly healthy hair, these treatments should be applied all year round (before, during and after your holidays).

For all hair types

Using re-pigmentation treatments is a sure-fire way to revive your highlights. Jean Louis David suggests you try Colour Enhancers which are enriched in nutritive pigments. Golden, copper or brown: choose the enhancer which is closest to your base colour. Apply it to damp hair and let it sink in for a few minutes before rinsing. Its effects last for around a week (2 to 3 washes).

Additional highlights

Even when your natural highlights start to fade, keep your hair looking summery with highlights. Make an appointment with a Jean Louis David salon and ask for a Contrast or Sunlight treatment, depending on whether your hair's base colour is light or dark. These two techniques will perfectly recreate a sun-kissed effect on your hair. A great way to always keep your hair's colour looking bright.

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