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Top tips on colouring your hair frequently whilst keeping it in excellent condition.
Top tips on colouring your hair frequently whilst keeping it in excellent condition.

How can I colour my hair frequently without damaging it?

Maybe your hair has been every colour under the sun, and you are not ready to settle down any time soon? With a few top tips, you can keep up your chameleon-like hair colouring without risk of damaging your locks.

Choose the right colouring treatment

Not all hair dyes have the same impact on your hair fibre. If you have a tendency to quickly get bored of your colour, opt for a temporary tone-on-tone hair colouring technique, such as Jean Louis David's Gloss treatment. Close to your base colour and ammonia-free, this type of colouring treatment reveals your hidden highlights without oxidising the hair or weakening it as much as other techniques. To change your look, opt for a plant-based colouring treatment with a natural formulation that will keep your hair healthy. With this kind of product, it is easier to change the colour of your already weakened locks. The only drawback: it does not allow you to lighten your hair. As for your dream of having rainbow hair, it can come true thanks to temporary dyes, whose pink, blue or green pigments coat the fibre, but do not penetrate it so you can skip the bleaching stage.

What's the best option for the interval between colouring treatments of the same colour? Touch-ups at the roots instead of a full coverage application, to give your hair a bit of a break!

Treatments to meet your every need

Even if you change your hair colour often, you must take care of it! Shampoos and masks specifically for coloured hair are essential for keeping the pigments intact and preventing your new shade from changing. At the same time you should also pamper your locks with nourishing treatments to compensate for the drying effects of frequent colouring treatments. This is the only way to prevent breakage and strengthen your overprocessed hair.


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