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Learn how to create a fishtail side braid step by step.
Learn how to create a fishtail side braid step by step.
Learn how to create a fishtail side braid step by step.

Hairstyle: create a fishtail side braid


The fishtail braid is a pretty hairstyle which suits all occasions. Read on to learn how to form this plait, step by step, so you can wear it on one side. Good news: it is slightly easier to create than the standard fishtail braid!

So your hairstyle holds well, preferably create your braid in perfectly detangled hair, washed the day before.

Step n°1: mark out a side parting

Get your hands on a comb to mark out a side part. Preferably follow the natural movement of your hair to choose which way you want your locks to fall, either on the left or right.

Step n°2: create volume

Prepare your hair by backcombing your roots to give them texture and volume for a hairstyle full of depth. To do this, comb your roots in the opposite direction to which the hair grows and apply a few squirts of hairspray to fix the volume.

Step n°3: choose which side you wish the braid to fall

Now gather all of your hair onto one of your shoulders. Generally, it is advised to gather your locks on the opposite side to the parting, which has the larger section of hair, to facilitate styling. Then, tie up your hair into a low ponytail using a hair tie and separate it into two equal sections.

Step n°4: create the fishtail braid

Select a fine piece of hair from the right-hand section and bring it over into the middle of the left-hand section, pulling it tight. Then, do this on the opposite side, bringing a piece from the left-hand side over to the right-hand section.

Repeat this, ensuring you select similar sized pieces so the braid is even, until all of your hair is plaited down to the tips. Then fix the braid with a hair tie.

Step n°5: choose the style of your braid

If you wish to have a classic chic hairstyle, leave your braid tightly plaited as it is. If you wish to give it a bohemian look, loosen a few sections of the braid and pull one or two strands out of the up-do to fall down around your face.

Step n°6: fix the hairstyle

Finish off your hairstyle by applying hairspray so it holds all day, and right through the evening.

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