Hair SOS: why is my hair static during winter?

Want to eliminate static this winter? Our pros give their top tips for understanding and avoiding this annoying (and sometimes painful!) hair issue.
Dry air during the winter months creates the perfect conditions for static hair. ‘The lack of humidity in the air dries out the keratin contained within the hair’s fibres. The result is that this dryness creates static. What’s more, central heating systems and radiators create artificial heat, aggravating the problem further’.
Hair accessories can also play their part by generating a static charge. ‘Hats, for example, will instantly make your style more prone to static due to the constant rubbing of hair against fabric, most commonly wool or cotton. As soon as you remove your hat, hair can literally stand on end!’
If your hair is on the fine side, you may suffer even more than normal. ‘Because your hair is fine and lightweight, it can often rise easier. You can prevent this static charge by adding bulk. Try nourishing formulas such as the Oil Therapy hair mask, applied once a week. You can also try lightly misting your hair throughout the day with a spray or using an ionic hairbrush’.
Our advice: 3 top tips for reducing your chances of static hair include avoiding the following:

  • Heating hair with high temperatures
  • Over-brushing
  • Wearing hair accessories too often

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