Hair oils: why use them?

As far as hair treatments are concerned, there are two categories of product: those which make your hair look good in a superficial way and those which deeply repair it. Hair oils come under the second group. Discover why they will get you hooked!

Why use them?

Because they do your hair a world of good! They deeply penetrate the hair fibre in order to restructure it. They therefore make your hair shinier, stronger and softer to touch. Furthermore, they protect it from external damage such as the sun, humidity or pollution. They also allow you to lock in moisture, preventing your hair from drying out. Finally, they are the best for making your hair more supple, whilst eliminating frizz.

Which oils should I choose?

It all depends on your needs! Many hair oils possess remarkable purifying, protective, nourishing, softening or repairing properties for your hair. Ideally, choose a 100% plant based formula to guarantee maximum effectiveness. If your hair is dehydrated, opt for an oil made from shea, avocado, argan or sweet almond. Jojoba, olive or coconut oils will protect sensitive hair by strengthening it and removing dead cells.

How do I use them?

Take note, vegetable oil is a treatment which is very rich and can make your hair greasy or heavy, particularly if it is fine. The first option: only apply it to the tips in the morning or the evening in the same way as with a serum. Second option: once a month, have an oil bath to reinvigorate your hair. To do this, spread your product from the roots to the tips, then let it soak in for as long as possible before shampooing. Finally, you can use a few drops of oil when you massage your scalp for a moment of intense nutrition.

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