Hair masks: dos and don’ts!

Hair masks are your best friend when it comes to nourishing dry ends and damaged mid-lengths that need some TLC. But, do you really know how to use them? Let’s take a look at the dos and don’ts of hair masks.
Do: choose a hair mask that is right for your hair type. If your locks are dry and damaged, opt for an intensely nourishing formula. On the other hand, women with greasy hair should select a clay-based version. Choosing a mask that is specifically designed for your hair type is essential for visible results.
Don’t: leave your hair mask on overnight. Ask any stylist and they will give you the same advice! Hair care products today are fairly advanced and you no longer need to leave your mask on for hours on end to see results. 10 minutes should be enough for your mask to work its magic.
Do: apply your mask to the mid-lengths and ends. The roots of your hair tend to have very different needs from your mid-lengths and ends. Applying a hair mask to your roots will only weigh them down and make your style appear flat and lifeless. Stick to areas which are dry or damaged such as the mid-lengths and ends.
Don’t: use a hair mask every time you wash your hair. This all depends on your hair’s individual needs. When you apply your hair mask, the effects tend to last one shampoo, as it is washed out afterwards. If your mid-lengths and ends are seriously dried-out and damaged, you can apply a mask each time you shampoo. Otherwise, once a week should be ample.
Do: comb through after applying. For optimum results, your mask needs to be distributed evenly through your locks. Use a wide-tooth comb to make sure each and every strand is covered. Avoid using a fine-tooth comb for this as these tend to pull the product out of your hair.
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