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Is blorange hair for you?
Is blorange hair for you?
Is blorange hair for you?
Hair colouring

Hair colouring: what is blorange?


A flagship trend for 2017, blorange hair is already popping up everywhere. We take a closer look at this year's must-have colour.

After strawberry blond with its indulgent highlights, now it's another fruity shade's turn to give your locks a boost: blorange. This hair colour has taken root in the locks of it-girls such as Georgia May Jagger.

What is blorange?

It is blond enhanced with red highlights into which subtle pink shades are blended. This is a hybrid colour for which you should enlist a professional colourist. They will add red pigments to your blond locks, then mix them with other yellow shades to create just the right shade of orange. The technique is very similar to strawberry blond. However, it is different due to its predominant peach highlights which are warmer than the pink hues of strawberry blond.

To whom is blorange suited?

Surprisingly, this zesty colour is suited to all complexions as it comes in several shades of varying intensity which will brighten up any skin tone. Fans of extreme colours can opt for its vibrant version, while others can go for its highly on-trend pastel variant. If you are blond, this is the ideal shade to give your hair an instant boost. However, if you are brunette, an additional step is required: bleaching your locks beforehand. Note: this process is not recommended for damaged hair.

How should it be worn?

Generally, people tend to go for all-over hair colouring with this orange blond shade. However, some, like those with fair hair, can rock this hair trend in a subtler way with a tie dye or balayage. Thanks to these partial colouring techniques you don't have to get your roots touched up after a few weeks. You should, however, hold onto your colour by using treatments specifically formulated for coloured hair. But don't worry if your blorange fades out over time as you shampoo your hair, as you will be left with an equally trendy vintage look.

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