Greasy hair: how often should you be washing your locks?

Has shampooing become a daily must to get rid of greasiness? Our expert reveals the optimum frequency for washing your hair. It’s time to get that healthy-looking hair you’ve always wanted!
Greasy hair can happen for numerous reasons. ‘The greasiness is created due to a hyper-secretion of the scalp’s sebaceous glands. This may be in your genes, caused by stress or simply due to using the incorrect haircare products. The more you shampoo your hair, the more you stimulate these glands, meaning more oil! It’s a vicious circle that you need to break. Wash your hair 3 times a week maximum, 2 being the ideal number’.
Always opt for products that are specifically formulated for greasy hair. ‘Choose a shampoo with purifying properties that will deeply cleanse as well as regulating oil production. Alternate this with a nourishing formula to balance out any greasiness. If your condition worsens, head to your doctor to seek medical advice ASAP.
Our advice: Not thought of using a dry shampoo yet? This is an ideal quick-fix solution for on-the-go touch ups throughout the day.
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