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Gold: the hot new beauty & hair trend
Gold: the hot new beauty & hair trend
Gold: the hot new beauty & hair trend
Styles and trends

Gold: the hot new beauty & hair trend

Fashion trends often make it into the beauty world, which is exactly what’s happening with gold right now. You’d expect to see gold incorporated into summery outfits, but for 2014 you’re going to see it in hairstyles and even in makeup looks too! Let’s take a closer look at how to wear this season’s next big beauty look.
The trend. Summer is synonymous with tanned skin and the hot sun. What better way to show off your tan than to wear a touch of gold here and there? This year’s shimmery gold color should be a key element of your look. All you need to decide is where to wear it! Eyelashes, eyebrows or even in your parting. Everything is possible, as the runway shows have demonstrated so well.
Golden hair trend. Don’t worry, this trend doesn’t mean your hair has to be covered in gold from root to tip! Take inspiration from the Dries Van Noten catwalk where models wore a subtle shimmer. You should be aiming for a simple, yet elegant look that ticks all of the boxes for summer. Simply add one defining feature to add a touch of personality. The runway hair stylist hinted that he created this interesting look using a brush and gold leaf applied to the parting. However, if you’re not planning on walking the catwalk any time soon, you can simply use a golden thread and run it close to your parting to replicate the look. Whichever technique you decide to give a go, rest assured that a touch of gold in your hair will make your style stand out from the crowd this summer.
Golden make-up trend. Again, don’t panic! We’re not forcing you to wear golden blusher. Your shimmer should be subtle and used sparsely for maximum effect. To complement the golden partings, Dries Van Noten created a stunning golden eyelash effect. A select few eyelashes featured a golden hue which created a simple, alluring look. Opt for a set of false lashes or even golden eyeliner to copy the eye make-up spotted on the runway. The Christian Dior runway decided to give the models a statement, shimmery brow. Makeup was fairly pared back except for around the eyes, which were a shimmery golden beacon thanks to the gold eye shadow used. The golden eyebrow trend takes inspiration from the ever-popular statement eyebrow which is well defined and fairly thick. Get the look by smoothing a creamy gold eye shadow through your brows. Don’t miss this look this summer!
© Pixelformula /Dries Van Noten prêt-à-porter runway, Spring-Summer 2014 & Christian Dior prêt-à-porter runway, Spring-Summer 2014 © Jean Louis David
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