Get off to a good start this spring with a hair programme

Your hair has been locked up all winter under beanies, Russian hats and other winter hair accessories. As a result, your scalp has barely been able to breathe and your hair has suffered the consequences. It’s time to set up a special spring hair programme!
As the seasons change, you might experience hair loss. “Keep an eye on this to make sure it’s only a passing phase. It’s normal to lose more hair when the seasons change but this should not last more than a few weeks. Consult a doctor if hair loss persists.”
To anticipate this hair loss, give your hair a boost and purify your scalp for spring, here are a few simple steps to follow. If you don’t already do so, brushing your hair morning and evening rids it of the impurities that leave it looking dull.
Your choice of shampoo can also have an impact on your hair and its condition. “A shampoo that isn’t adapted to your hair’s condition or your hair type is a guaranteed catastrophe. If your hair is dry, use hydrating treatments. If it is coloured, use products for coloured hair and so on.” Your hair will look instantly healthier and will be better protected from external aggressions.
“These external aggressions, such as pollution or cigarette smoke, are also causes of dull, tired-looking hair. To restore its shine as spring is starting, scalp scrubs are a great solution.” Just don’t use them too often. Use them once or twice a month to purify your scalp.
Finally, massaging your scalp is essential for healthy hair. “Applying strong, circular movements to the head, without rubbing, allows your scalp to receive more oxygen. This makes your hair looks shinier and prevents hair loss.”
Our tip: Why not complement these beauty steps by taking food supplements or vitamins. Particularly zinc or vitamin B6 for stronger, healthier hair. Also consider keratin-based treatments for deeply regenerated hair.
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