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Create this fringe using hair illusion techniques
Create this fringe using hair illusion techniques
Create this fringe using hair illusion techniques

Get a fringe without having your hair cut


Do you want to have a fringe without getting your hair cut? It can be done by following these four steps.

To create a fringe without touching your hair's length, your hair must be at least shoulder length. This experiment works whether you have a bob or a layered cut. The result will be either a blunt fringe (on a bob) or a side fringe (on a layered cut). As for the technique, you just need to fold half of a ponytail onto your forehead and hold it in place with hairpins (the other half will be used to conceal the hair grips). For mid-length hair, opt for a high ponytail, whereas if your hair is chest length, opt for a lower up-do for a more fitting fringe. So, are you ready to try it out?

The technique

To create this hairstyle, you will need straighteners, a comb, two transparent elasticated hairbands, flat hairpins, wavy hair grips, a headband (if you have long hair) and a can of hairspray.

Step 1: prepare your hair

Start by straightening all of your hair with straighteners and put it up in a ponytail, high or low depending on your hair's length.

Step 2: create the fringe

Separate the ponytail into two sections, one thick one (which will be used to create the bun) left to one side for a moment, and a finer section. Fold the finer section onto the forehead so that the tips cover it. Work with the front section with straighteners to give it a curved shape and a straight down or side-swept shape depending on your desired look. You can also separate it into two to create a curtain fringe.

Step 3: tie up the front section

Once the hair is in place on the forehead, hold the fringe in place by sliding in one or two flat hairpins as close to the elasticated hairband as possible, so that the bun conceals them. If your chignon is low, place one hairpin on top of the head so the fringe stays in place. All you need to do then is wear a headband to conceal the hairpins.

Step 4: create the chignon

Now take the second section of the ponytail which you left to one side in step 2 and backcomb it if you want a big bun. Otherwise, go straight into forming a relatively large coiled chignon to conceal the hairpins. Place an elasticated hairband around the bun and secure it with hairpins, tightening it as much or as little as you want, depending on your desired look. Finish it off with hairspray.

This illusion is bound to blow people away!

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