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Gel vs mousse: which product for which effect?
Gel vs mousse: which product for which effect?
Gel vs mousse: which product for which effect?

Gel, mousse, hairspray: which product for which effect?


Hairstyling products are essential on a daily basis. They allow you to vary your hairstyles and help them hold for hours. They also allow you to give different effects to your hair. Take a closer look at 3 essentials which you should add to your vanity case!

Gel for flattening down

This product is perfect for controlling rebellious hair. Once applied, it straightens out any frizz, blending it into your hair. It is also best for giving a flattened down flawless effect to your up-dos such as a simple ponytail or a ballerina bun.

Furthermore, it can add a wet look effect to your hair. This has also been right on trend for several seasons. In this case, apply a small amount of gel to your roots and the still dampened lengths of your hair for a shiny aspect.

Our advice: gel is particularly suited to short hair when it is used for fixing hairstyles. If you have long hair, only use it at the roots to flatten down your tied-up hairstyle. Otherwise, always opt for hairspray.

Mousse for taming

Mousse is perfect for coating the hair fibre and giving it more substance. It also allows you to add maximum volume to your roots. Furthermore, it's a product which highlights your curls to make them more structured than ever.

For blow-drying, work the mousse in with a comb just before using your heating device. To do this, put a small amount into the palm of your hands, gather it together using your comb, then comb from your roots. This technique guarantees the product is evenly spread and it gives maximum depth.

Our advice: if your hair is curly or wavy, you don't need to put in lots of product, with the risk of it forming lumps. Apply a small quantity of it from midway down to the tips without scrunching your hair too much. For those of you who love volume, work it in with your head down to lift the hair at your roots as much as possible.

Hairspray for fixing

It is mainly used for fixing movement such as waves or a side-sweep style. It also allows you to obtain hold in all conditions all over your hair and as a finish for your hairstyles. For optimum usage, always spray it on around 20 centimetres away from your head. Its texture is very fine, like a mist and is easily deposited on the hair fibre.

Our advice: if you use your hairspray on a daily basis, consider washing your hair and brushing it regularly. That way you will get rid of any residue, allowing your hair to breathe perfectly.

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