For or against regularly changing your shampoo?

Are you considering changing your shampoo after hearing that it will do your hair good? Is it really a good idea? Before you start searching for your new favourite product, here is everything you should know.

When people play up the benefits of switching shampoo, the main argument is that products often lose effectiveness over time. A phenomenon allegedly linked to the fact that your hair can become accustomed to the main active ingredients. However, do not worry. Considering it is made up of dead cells, your hair can under no circumstances become immune to the effects of a shampoo. Yet, swapping your favourite bottle for another is not actually a bad idea.

Listening to your hair

Whatever your hair type, you should know that it will change over time. Repeated colouring treatments, fatigue, stress, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance, the changing seasons… There are so many factors which can have repercussions on your locks. Whether it becomes drier, more brittle or conversely greasier, your hair requires a targeted regime suited to its new requirements. Hence the importance of switching your shampoo and, above all, choosing the right one.

Changing your shampoo to take advantage of different properties

In life, nothing is perfectly uniform. Not even your hair, which can be subject to multiple issues. Switching between shampoos allows you to meet all of your hair’s needs. If your hair has a tendency to go greasy and you also have dandruff, switch between a shampoo with purifying properties and an anti-dandruff treatment. Similarly, if your dry hair is lacking volume, pamper it with nourishing and volumizing shampoos. The idea is to take your hair’s properties into account to find the best combination.

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