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Hair treatments after giving birth
Hair treatments after giving birth
Hair treatments after giving birth
Hair care

How can I take care of my hair after giving birth?


During your pregnancy, your hair was beautiful, thick and shiny... But since giving birth, it has become dull and breaks easily. Above all, don't panic: lots of young mums face the phenomenon of hair loss- it's completely normal. Take a closer look at the best regime you can adopt, so you can quickly get back hair which breathes vitality once more!

How does your hair react after pregnancy?

Several women notice hair loss during the months after giving birth. This varies from person to person. This phenomenon is called postpartum alopecia. It affects over half of all young mums and there are different reasons for this.

Above all, it's the result of a considerable decrease in hormones after giving birth: a real upheaval for your hair! This hair loss is also linked to stress and fatigue which often follow pregnancy. Generally, you must wait between 6 and 12 months before you can get your hair back to normal. If this persists longer than a year, don't hesitate in consulting your doctor.

The hair regime to try after giving birth

Even though you can't avoid this hair loss after pregnancy, you can however limit the damage by slowing down the hair loss! To achieve this, you must deeply fortify your hair, using targeted and regular treatments. Therefore, opt for treatments which are rich in keratin and vitamins, such as those from the Keratin Therapy range. They will be perfect for nourishing and restructuring the hair fibre for weeks.

Our advice

Massage your scalp as often as possible! This will promote hair growth, by stimulating blood microcirculation. The nutrients required to keep your hair healthy will therefore circulate more easily. To massage your scalp, make circular movements by exerting light pressure. Feel free to add a drop of vegetable oil for a moment of intense nutrition.

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