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Do retro chic with the mini hat
Do retro chic with the mini hat
Do retro chic with the mini hat
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Do retro chic with the mini hat

No need to be a princess to flaunt the mini hat. Hold your head high with this retro accessory for a chic, statement style. It may be small, but this hat is great for achieving an XXL or go-getting style.
History of the mini hat. The mini hat was originally worn by high society women, and was invented to replace the showy and bulky XXL hats. At the time, they were decorated with feathers, jewels and veils and came in all sorts of different shapes. Today, it’s the most devout fashionistas who are wearing them, and there are many different versions to choose from, from the most classic to the most eccentric. Whatever you go for, the mini hat is best saved for big events such as a wedding or a day at the races.
Wear the mini hat on loose hair. If you have ultra-straight hair, opt for a hat with loads of character: go XXL! Straighten your hair with straightening irons, making sure your hair is dry before using them. You can then work your hair into a centre-parting or a half ponytail. Now simply fix your mini hat in place using hatpins. Place it on the top of your head, slightly to the side. The mini hat also sits nicely on slightly wavy hair. Curl your hair with large-barrelled curling tongs and fix your hat in place as before. You are now ready for any big event!
Wear the mini hat in an up-do. To give your mini hat centre stage, why not pull your hair into an up-do. Either a ponytail or a chignon. Go as over-the-top as you like with colours and shapes. Fix it slightly to the side on the top of your head or further back near the nape of your neck. For a hint of retro chic, go for a black, veiled mini hat or, for a really ‘out there’ look, choose neon colours. One small tip: ease off on the make-up. Your mini hat will bring you all the limelight you need. After something more toned down? Try a jewelled mini hat for subtle sophistication.
© Pixelformula / Jean Luc Amsler Haute-Couture show, Spring-Summer 2012 © Jean Louis David
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO