Do haircare regimes really work?

Some make it their beauty secret, whilst others find that a hair regime has no real effect on their locks… We take stock to see whether adopting a hair-care regime is really useful.

Yes… If you have found the right one

There is no magic formula when it comes to mixed results concerning hair-care regimes. If they are to be effective, they must be suited to your hair type. There is no use in increasing the amounts of treatments you use if you have not chosen the correct ones. If they are not suited to your hair type, they can even have negative effects, such as an overly rich formula which can make dry or fine hair limp and lifeless, instead of hydrating it. When a regime meets your hair’s needs, however, it will most definitely be effective! You cannot beat the combination of a purifying shampoo, a nourishing mask and a weekly scalp scrub for balancing out combination hair, for example.

Yes… If you apply treatments diligently and regularly

It is pointless meticulously applying a nourishing shampoo, a keratin mask and then a leave-in hydrating treatment to dry hair if you skip one of these products when you next come to wash your locks. This way you will never say goodbye to that unsightly straw-like look. Most hair regimes only reveal their full benefits when used in the long term. This means that to see a real radical change you should apply treatments regularly and stick to your regime.

No… If you forget to change up your regime regularly

Depending on the seasons, colouring treatments, various styling techniques and your age, the condition of your hair can change and its needs can too. To ensure that your regime is effective, it must be adapted to these changes, otherwise it will be pointless!

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