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How you should alter your hair regime after 30
How you should alter your hair regime after 30

Hair: which hair regime should you adopt after 30?

If you are thirty-something and wondering if you should adapt your haircare regime, take note! Here are 4 good resolutions for boosting your hair's health and intensifying its shine.

1. Use restructuring treatments to boost the hair fibres

Just like skin, hair gets more damaged and becomes more fragile the older you get. When you reach thirty, your hair fibres gradually start to weaken and it produces less keratin. To compensate for this lack of natural protein, essential for your hair's health, you should use keratin treatments such as those from Jean Louis David's Keratin Therapy range. This fills in small cracks in the hair fibres and makes your hair stronger, restoring its radiant shine.

2. No more taking hair problems lightly!

You should never ignore hair issues but this is even more the case when you reach 30 as they only tend to get worse or more problems will start appearing. If you have not used treatments up to now, that should be a thing of the past; now is the time to start. Without further ado, opt for targeted treatments to put an end to your greasy scalp, dry locks or sensitive scalp issues and start giving your hair the pampering it deserves.

3. Opt for a mid-length dynamic haircut

At 30, you want to go for an elegant look, but be careful not adopt a hairstyle which will age you as, although you are still young, it is only natural the effects of time will start to show on your face. As a result, choose a clever haircut which will enhance your hair whilst showcasing your womanly facial features. The ideal solution? Opt for a mid-length bob for a dynamic style.

4. Concealing your first grey hairs

Reaching thirty may bring with it a few salt and pepper strands. Still subtle, you do not necessarily need to get them coloured (especially if you want to try out the grey hair trend) to make them disappear. If you wish to mask your first few grey hairs, opt for temporary hair colouring. This is the ideal solution to avoid ruining your natural colour (entrust this to a professional colourist for optimum results).


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